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How Medical Professionals Plan to Deal with Cancers that Affect Women

Written by: The Midland Certified Reagent Company

Summary: Fighting cancer involves detection of cancer cells.

Researchers are using oligos to simulate chemical reactions, which might be the key to understand how cancer affects women. Breast and cervical cancers, which are major concerns among women worldwide, might have a chance of early detection and cure if medical engineers can properly detect cancer cells.

Cellular Detection

Cancer treatments are only effective if doctors can catch the disease early. Cancer is a disease that causes certain cells to divide uncontrollably. At a macro level, given enough time, this is detectable in the form of tumors. At the micro level, oligo synthesis is used to probe for cells. Whenever we have to probe for something, we need to define what that something is and cancer happens to be unique. So a major challenge is finding a way to distinguish cancer cells, which are bad, from cells in the body that are good.

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Engineering the Cure

Another problem is finding a method to destroy cancer cells, and attack the root of the problem. Cancer can spread throughout the body. That makes it difficult to track the source of a cancer and attack that. In addition, it’s not easy to test cures with live patients because of high risks for complications. One solution is to try and re-create a reaction without the human. A modified oligo can help simulate the reaction in a laboratory, which helps engineers study the effects of a drug on the molecular level. If we can understand how a drug impact’s a patient’s DNA, it might be possible to hypothesize what it might do to a live human and open the door for real testing.

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