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Top reasons to replace a mattress

Written by TheFoamFactory.com

After some years of use and depending on the durability of your mattress and its material, you might have to go for a replacement. However, it might be hard to determine when is the exact moment to change. The list below provides some of the signs that you need to consider.

Lack of comfort

This is the most important aspect to consider to help you determine whether it is the right moment to replace your mattress. On average, a person spends eight hours sleeping. If you tend to twist and turn on your bed in order to find the right position, it might be that your mattress is not providing adequate support. Saggy mattresses also contribute to bringing discomfort.

Back pain

An old mattress is often associated with back pains. While sleeping, the lumbar curve needs to be aligned. The neck should also be provided with an adequate support. An uneven foam mattress will not be able to provide this kind of support. This is one of the reasons why people opt for memory foam when going for a mattress replacement. The memory foam molds the contours of the body.

Squeaky mattress

If your mattress is making high-pitched sounds every time you get in and out of bed or want to change positions, this means that it might be worn out. The noise produced by the mattress is one of the reasons why some people are not able to find good quality sleep.

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