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Modern Tips for Better and Improved Sex

Dr. Elison author of “Women’s Sexualities” emphasizes the importance of transition as a key to better sex. It is the ability to move from one moment to the next – to fall and rise together and separate and rejoin effortlessly. It is an interaction where one thing leads to another in a natural flow that […]

The Bare Essentials of the Kama Sutra Book

The Kama Sutra Book contains 35 chapters, organized into 7 parts, each of which are written by individual experts in the respective fields. The following is the organization of the Kama Sutra Book as translated by Sir Richard Burton: PART I : Book Kama SutraIntroduction (4 chapters) – on love in general, its place in […]

Labiaplasty : When Kegel Exercises Cease to Work

So, you’ve been doing your daily Kegel exercises and you still are having some issues down below.  Perhaps you should consider vaginal rejuvenation surgery.  There are very few surgeons who specialize in these procedures, so while it may be difficult to get a vaginoplasty, it is possible if you do your research. You may be […]

Work Every Muscle With These 6 Moves

Everything our bodies can do is made up of six basic movements: squat, bend, push, pull, twist, and lunge. Our bodies are built to work as a unit, performing all of these fundamental moves together—not in isolation. So forget single muscle-group exercises, and instead focus on working with—not against—your body. Do these six exercises and […]

Train Like A Man, But Eat Like A Woman!

Ladies, we have made some amazing strides in a short amount of time. We’ve moved from pink weights to swinging kettlebells almost as heavy or heavier than we are. Women of all types and ages have taken the leap from weak to strong. Congratulations ladies, we did it! We are still doing it! More women are […]

Pregnancy Diet – What to eat while Pregnant

Article written by Weight Gone Now Pregnancy Diet Being pregnant means that your body needs more than your normal intake of vitamins, minerals, protein and energy so that your baby is healthy. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat enough for two, increasing your diet by an extra 300 calories per day is enough. […]

Female Sexual Dysfunction Can Be Remedied

Laser vaginal surgery is offering hope to women all over the world who have previously suffered from sexual dysfunction and insecurities.  Laser vaginal rejuvenation may be just what you need if your sex life has been seriously impacted after childbirth or simply from the natural aging process. After giving birth, many women experience unsightly changes […]

Pregnancy Fertility Causes & Stats

Pregnancy Fertility One in ten couples are childless. The causes of infertility are: 35% are due to male fertility problems 35% are due to female fertility problems 30% are due to both male and female fertility problems Pregnancy fertility is not an issue for 9 out of 10 couples who become pregnant within a year […]

Technological advancements in Anti-aging Skin Care

Plant Stem cell technology has emerged as the most revolutionary anti-aging technique being used in the modern skin care products. The practice has also won the approval of beauty conscious buyers worldwide. Indeed, the most attractive aspect about plant stem cells is their immortality which serves as a driving force for its use as an […]