The Best ITE Devices on A Small Budget 2024

Conductive hearing loss can impact your daily life.

Bossa Hearing Aids are some of the best affordable hearing aids near me in 2024. This has been achieved because of advanced technology coupled with cutting out the middleman which means no appointments, figuring out the fit for hearing aids, or expensive audiologists.

These devices come in on budget being an affordable alternative to more expensive brands allowing you to regain your confidence in hearing conversations clearly, TV programs, phone calls and masking tinnitus.

With a money-back guarantee and 24/7 support, Bossa Hearing is a company that is invested in giving you hearing aids and prices that you can afford.

Here are some reasons to consider these devices


X5 Tinnitus Management Chip

Superior sound quality for music and TV

Portable charging case

35+ hours of sound per charge


May be small for some users

The second choice in this budget range is Audien which includes:


Small and discreet.

Rechargeable batteries.

Earbuds are comfortable silicone domes.


The sound quality is inferior and is tinny.

The third option coming in on budget is Svinz a portable ITE (in the ear) which includes:


Almost invisible.

40 hours rechargeable battery use.

Automatically switches on when removed from the charging box.


No extra settings, only an amplifier.

The fourth ITE (in the ear) in this range is the Health Tree Hearing Aid which includes;


Auto-off when replaced in the charging box.

16 channels for different environments.

USB charging cable.


Only available in pairs.

For more information and to see what customers are saying, visit Bossa Hearing Reviews to see why this hearing aid is ranked number one in the affordable ITE (in the ear) range of hearing devices for 2024.

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