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The Do’s and don’ts of Mattress Care

Written by TheFoamFactory.com

The mattress is a crucial factor when it comes to quality of life. We spend almost on third of our life sleeping and the quality of a mattress can directly affect the quality of our sleep. Bad sleep can result in less energy and eventually affect your health. Proper care is important to maintain the quality and support of the mattress. Here are several basics to follow:

Proper Installation

When getting a new mattress, install proper foundation. Good foundation increases the life of your mattress by absorbing a lot of the stress.

Flip your mattress

It is recommended to flip the mattress periodically to ensure proper distribution of weight. Rotate the mattress end-to-end and then flip it every six months. By evenly distributing the pressure you increase longevity of the mattress.

Use a protective pad

Protective pads or mattress toppers in washable materials such as latex are effective to keep the mattress away from dusts and stains. These can also be used as foundation.


The mattress and foundation should be left uncovered regularly in order to prevent any odors from forming. The room should be kept well-ventilated for a few hours per day in order to ensure the mattress is properly aerated.

Do not dry clean

The chemicals used during dry cleaning might cause harm to your mattress’ fabric and filling. Vacuuming is recommended as a reliable cleaning method for mattresses.


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