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Not All Mattresses are the Same

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Mattresses are all not the same. This is because mattresses have different types of foam inserts and fillings. Some mattresses contain dense foam while others contain convoluted ones. Some mattresses are made of latex and others are made out of memory foam.

Memory foam was first used by none other than the NASA around the 1960s and it filled airplane seats rather than mattresses. The main component of this particular foam is a material called viscoelastic. Viscoelastic has the interesting propensity of being a high energy absorber. It also has a soft texture to the touch. These are some of the reasons why benefits are yielded from these types of foams.

For instance, memory foams mold the contours of the body by adapting to each person’s body temperature. It is mainly for this reason that this is called “memory foam” as it keeps in memory the form of the person. This molding provides support to the neck, legs, back and shoulder. This is interesting for people suffering from back pain.

Memory foams also ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed, thus avoiding pressure points. This also gives a better blood circulation during sleep. People have also experienced a better quality sleep on memory foams as they tend to toss and turn less. You could look out for discount memory foam mattress opportunities should you wish to improve your sleep.

Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry for several decades now. His experience has helped him develop insights on choosing the right mattress and foam types.

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