Labiaplasty : When Kegel Exercises Cease to Work

So, you’ve been doing your daily Kegel exercises and you still are having some issues down below.  Perhaps you should consider vaginal rejuvenation surgery.  There are very few surgeons who specialize in these procedures, so while it may be difficult to get a vaginoplasty, it is possible if you do your research.

You may be wondering what vaginal rejuvenation surgery is.  This procedure involves precise aesthetic surgical incisions to tighten the muscles and supportive tissues of the vagina.  Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps to combat a relaxed vaginal lining.  A relaxed vaginal lining is responsible for many sexual function problems in women and it can also lead to urinary incontinence as well.  Essentially, a relaxed vaginal lining is created by weakened vaginal muscles and lack of tone.

Kegels work efficiently for some women and yet have no impact whatsoever for others.  It is very common for the pelvic floor muscles to become weak with age.  Childbirth is another reason that many women develop these problems.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a great option for women who feel insecure about the appearance and feel of their vagina as well as for those who don’t experience significant pleasure during intercourse.

Labiaplasty is another procedure that may benefit women whose sex lives have been inhibited by the appearance of their vagina.  Labiaplasty involves the labias being evened out in both size and shape.  Labiaplasty is now available all over the United States.

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