Weight Loss

What You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Written by: The Diet Solutions Cam

Losing weight is not easy thing to do. The concept seems easy enough though. If you burn off the number of calories that you ingest, your weight will stay the same. For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds; you take in 800 calories in a day and with an exercise regimen, you burn off 800 calories and you stay at 130 pounds. But if you take in 800 calories and you burn off 700 calories by exercising, you will lose weight.

One important thing you should remember is to drink water and lots of it. Think of water as your best friend. Even when you are not trying to lose those extra pounds, you need to stay hydrated at all times. You should shoot for a goal of 7 to 8 glasses of water each day. This may sound like a lot of water but you want to do your best to drink as much as you can.

Its time for a little Math lesson. Each pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So say you are starting slow and aiming to lose a pound a week. In this case you will have to lessen your calorie intake each day by 500. If are aiming for two pounds a day, your goal should be to decrease your calorie intake by 1,000 per day. If you are aiming for more than two pounds in a week, this is an unrealistic goal.

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