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How to Use Foam in the Bedroom

Are you one of the many Americans suffering from sleep deprivation? Even one or two hours from a night of sleep can have detrimental effects for you throughout the day. Lack of sleep can cause you to be sluggish, forgetful and can leave your body aching. One of the simplest solutions to this problem is to utilize foam in the bedroom. Foam is affordable and easy to replace, plus you can have foam custom cut to fit just about size. Foam is breathable too, helping your body maintain the ideal temperature for sleep.

Support and Sleeping Habits

Aside from the temperature of your room, a lack of support for your muscles and joints can cause serious problems for you. Support for the neck is especially important. Without neck support, you can wake up with a stiff neck that will stay with you all day. Try a memory foam bed to help your mattress conform to your body. You can also do a simple spring mattress and use a topper to add some extra comfort. The hybrid style is preferable because it allows you to fine tune your sleeping experience.

Foam Pillows

Medical foam, the reddish tinted foam, is antibacterial and breathable. Since most of the heat in your body comes from the top of your head, this kind of material adds comfort and support. The antibacterial material also helps those with allergy or respiratory problems. Foam pillows also maintain their integrity, so placing one between the legs will let you support your hips and align your spine.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers serve a practical function, as well as adding to comfort. Some toppers help to stop the invasion of bed bugs. These critters invade your space and make it difficult to sleep without getting bit, so stopping them with a topper helps to kill the infestation where it starts. Some of these toppers even have padding built in.


A mattress from Canada might be just what you need to sleep better. The foam materials aren’t all that different from the comfort level of a spring bed, and the bedding tends to be breathable. Memory foam can get a little warm at night, so some people prefer to use a topper to get the desired comfort level they want. Be sure that you order antibacterial foam if you believe that allergens will be a problem for you. With these adjustments, you’ll fall into a deeper sleep.

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Carlo Badalamenti writes on behalf of Canada Foam by Mail, the Web’s premier destination for custom cut foam mattresses and mattress toppers online.

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