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High Density Foam Sheets at Your Gym

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

If you tend to hit the gym often, you might have noticed that many workout moves would require the use of an exercise mat. These mats are an important element of your workout as they lie flat on the floor and do not move constantly. This promotes stability and performance. The constant fear of slipping while working out might drive you out of focus when you are using a bath towel for cushioning. Apart from stability, another use of the exercise mat is simply as a workout incentive. Having your exercise mat with you at the gym would encourage you to do crunches and other exercise that necessitate lying down. Exercise mats also provide adequate support to the body, limiting the risk of muscle pains and injuries during harder and more explosive moves.

Bringing your own yoga mat at the gym is also good for hygiene purposes. Equipment at the gym are on a daily basis touched by several sweaty people. Unfortunately, this fosters an ideal breeding environment for bacteria and germs. As a means of ensuring hygiene, it is in most cases better that every gym user bring their own mats. An exercise mat would also protect users from being in contact with the gym’s floor. If your exercise mat has become flat or worn out with use, you might consider having a new one made from high density foam sheets. You could also consider custom cushions to facilitate your crunches and other abs workouts.

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