Selecting new cushions for home or office

You may not realize when it’s time to replace your seat cushions. They can get damaged over time and with everyday use, they can even get damaged by sweat or spills. Once this happens, it’s best to replace them. Using old cushions can be a health hazard. The foam inserts can become full of bacteria.

Old seat cushions can be a hazard!

If your family is like most, your seat cushions take lots of wear and tear. During one day’s time, the kids, pets, friends and family might sit on these seat cushions. It just makes sense to replace them in order to keep the whole family safe.

Since not all seat cushions are the same shape, it’s important to measure them or maybe even draw a simple diagram. You must also choose the type of foam you’d like for your inserts. The most popular types are:

Memory foam

Conventional foam

Dryfast foam (for outdoor use)

Convoluted foam

Try a foam pillow

Foam pillows can be an amazing way to get comfort and support when sitting or sleeping. It can be a good idea to pick up a couple of these when replacing your seat cushions. Many websites can cut your foam inserts to any size including irregular sizes. Be sure to ask about this service. It may be included for no or a low cost.

Getting seat cushions the right size

Take careful measurements if replacing old seat cushions so the new inserts will fit nicely. If you need help with this project, don’t hesitate to contact The Foam Factory.

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