Telemedicine trends in the future

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

The pandemic has placed a strain on the healthcare industry, causing delays to reach a doctor, long waiting times plus the added risk of contracting covid-19. Telemedicine has made access to a healthcare provider simple by providing patients with the ability to connect with a doctor from their homes.

As more healthcare providers opt for remote care, the following trends will not only enhance the experience of virtual appointments, but they will make healthcare affordable and help patients live healthier lives.

Equal charges – Laws are being passed to improve the usage of telemedicine services, by setting the rates for virtual appointments at a rate similar to in-person visits. This will help doctors to readily offer their services remotely and give the healthcare industry the required incentive to improve telemedicine technology.

Data security – Telemedicine operators are taking strict steps to protect their clients’ information. Tighter security will mean security protocols beyond simple log-ins and two-character authentications.

Better investment – As telemedicine becomes more widespread, the industry is said to receive a large amount of investment to help it grow. Hospitals and medical practices are now working with medical institutions and health care professionals to increase their telemedicine services.

Mergers – Small to medium-sized health care practices are struggling to stay profitable due to the pandemic. With inadequate expansion options, tight regulations, high costs, and reduced reimbursements, these practices will merge in the future with larger companies. Larger hospitals have also started reaching out to practices to help them expand their telemedicine services. 

Francis Dunn
Francis Dunn

Francis Dunn is from Miami FloridaFrancis William Dunn has spent the last twenty-five years working within the healthcare industry to improve corporate strategy and product development. He is the VP and co-founder of Medsite, Inc., a successful company that was later sold to WebMD. Francis Dunn understands how to be a successful leader and is often called upon for speaking engagements. His expertise in managing enterprise accounts continues to drive overall revenue for past employers.

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