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Tui Na: An Intriguing Form of Asian Massage

tui-na-intriguing-form-asian-massageWritten by: Garden Retreat Spa

The next time you visit your favorite NYC Asian massage parlor, ask for the Tui Na massage. The literal translation is “push and grasp”, and it’s a soft tissue massage applied with vigor. Be warned that it can be a painful experience for the sensitive, but the massage is generally very slow. The masseuse puts pressure on key points of the body, much like shiatzu, but the feeling and appearance is somewhat like Yoga.

If you’re intrigued, read on.

The primary difference between Tui Na and you’re standard NYC massage is how the hands move along the body. The skin is oiled to lubricate the hands, and the masseuse concentrates on a few key points. One of the more common postures is for the client to lay on his or her side. The masseuse will place his or her elbow onto the patient’s side and press down. It’s soft at first, but gradually more bodyweight is used.

The pressure is intense, so those seeking a sensual massage in New York should consider passing on this one. Those suffering from back pain, however, should endure the pain. The result is a massive amount of pressure relief on the sciatica.

Patients are also encouraged to talk during the massage. That emotional release, along with the physical relief of strain, leaves the patient feeling particularly relaxed.

Tui Na is not your everyday massage technique, and it might not be a great idea for first timers. Those who have undergone multiple massages, or those with medical ailments, might consider a Tui Na. done properly, it can relieve a great deal of stress.

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