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Technological advancements in Anti-aging Skin Care

Plant Stem cell technology has emerged as the most revolutionary anti-aging technique being used in the modern skin care products. The practice has also won the approval of beauty conscious buyers worldwide. Indeed, the most attractive aspect about plant stem cells is their immortality which serves as a driving force for its use as an anti-aging ingredient in the cosmetic products.

Cosmetic science has amassed a great amount of empirical and biological research. From the Swiss apple, to edelweiss and lilacs, plant stem cells have shown promising clinical results. The future hints of easily available products that could tackle the aging skin problems.

What are Stem Cells and where do they come from?

Plants do not shrivel when they are exposed to the danger of environmental stress, be it a hurricane or a gardener’s tools. It is the potency and defence mechanism of the stem cells that powers the strength of the plant, and preserve its longevity and vitality. Science has revealed that stem cells found in plants do not undergo the process of aging as they continue to produce new specialized and unspecialised cells. Thus, the stem cells naturally retain the ability to give birth to new organs, tissues and cells within the living body.

Stem Cells and Beauty Products

These stem cells that have now made their way into beauty products. Usually, the stem cells are extracted from the fruits that retain their freshness over a long period of time. These fruits include edelweiss, date palms, Swiss apples, gotu kola, lilacs and roses. Thus, rather than the living plant cells, the extract of these stem cells is used as an ingredient in anti-aging products.

The key components of these stem cells include ferulic acid, ellagic acid and quercetin. Continuous testing and endless research has revealed these cmponents to be the most potent and vital extracts of any fruit or plant. However, it is essential that all the chosen plant sources of these stem cells are grown in a highly controlled and artificially manipulated environment which is safe and free of all contaminants.

British scientific research about the effective potency of plant stem cells has revealed several secrets of their immortality. The hormones Auxin and Giberellin have emerged as the principle agents responsible for the longevity and regeneration ability of the plant stem cells. Furthermore, the scientists revealed that stems cells found in plants are extremely sensitive to any sort of damage in the DNA composition. Thus, they are highly effective at identifying all skin damages and the damage causing agents. Therefore, stem cells can readily identify and eliminate such sources, ensuring a healthy, beautiful and naturally radiant skin.

The worth of plant stem cell technology has not only been proven scientifically but is also backed by endless satisfied and happy users of cosmetic products incorporating this technology. Plant stem cell technique has truly brought a paradigm shift in the world of cosmetic sciences.
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