What is a sensual massage?

By Garden Retreat Spa

A sensual massage incorporates touch into a sexual activity. Most often this form of massage is used by couples to enhance their sexual life and create romance before a sexual act. However, sensual massages go beyond sexual aspects and also provide health benefits. There are many massage parlors that offer sensual massage New York, that offer some of the massage techniques used in sensual massages.

Sensual massages use the hands and body to stimulate the sense of touch of a partner. The technique is said to relax and excite the body. Some sensual massage NYC offer classes that can be attended by couples, which provide training on sensual massage techniques with assistance from a trained professional therapist. Most couples say that they benefit from improved intimacy and lovemaking.

Sensual massages will use oils and creams designed to enhance sensations. It is also said that items such as feathers or different types of cloth, such as silk or velvet can be used to create different sensations.

Techniques used involve fan strokes, circle strokes and stretching strokes. The massage will usually begin with softer strokes to soothe and relax the recipient and then move on to stronger or harder techniques as the massage progresses.

It is said that sensual massages boost blood flow all across the body. Apart from this, it can reduce levels of cortisol and increase oxytocin, which is a hormone that increases feelings of affection and bonding.


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