What to Expect During LASIK Treatment

Getting familiar with what the treatment is and what you can expect the process to look like, from the first consultation to the recovery process that follows the surgery, is a good way to make an informed decision on whether or not the treatment is right for you.

Initial Consultation

Before you go through the treatment you will first need to make an appointment to talk to a doctor. Even if you make an online order for the treatment you will still need to have an initial consultation. During this meeting you and the doctor will discuss your vision, your general health, and what you can expect from the procedure. During this meeting you will have the chance to discuss pricing, financing options, and other questions you may have before you make a purchase.

Some businesses allow clients to pay for the treatment in chunks. Breaking up the relatively high upfront cost of the procedure into monthly payments can make the treatment more manageable.


Part of what makes LASIK expensive is the sophisticated technology that is used to carry out the complex procedure. During the treatment a doctor will use a machine to reshape your cornea, ultimately improving the natural vision of each eye. As is the case when ordering on, the shape of your eye determines how strong your eyesight is. The actual correction process is highly effective and very quick, taking around ten minutes per eyeball.

After the surgery has been completed you can expect to experience blurry vision for a few days.

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