Infertility Treatments

This is a guest submission by Linda Chapin.

Infertile Treatments

Infertility has a number of potential causes, and so there are a range of treatments for infertility, here are the common ones

Low Sperm Count

The normal ejaculation has between 60 and 100 million sperm present. If there are less than 5 million sperm present this will have a major impact on the ability to achieve pregnancy.

If a low count is found, the testicles will be examined to ensure that they are healthy and function normally. Common causes of impaired sperm production are distension of the scrotum sac or varicose veins on the scrotum. If there is a blockage, this can be treated by an operation.

No Sperm

The man can have an ejaculation normally without there being any sperm present which can be due to the sperm production not being performed normally due to disease, injury or abnormality of the testes. A specimen with no sperm is likely not to be improved through medication. If sperm is being produced by the testes but the ejaculation is the problem due to a blockage, this can be overcome through IVF treatment.

Ovulation Problems

If an egg is not being produced

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