12 signs of getting pregnant

Signs of being pregnant

The Twelve Signs of being pregnant

Am I pregnant? Check out our 12 signs of being pregnant

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness describes the nausea or vomiting that between 50%-95% of women experience during the early stages of pregnancy.Morning sickness most likely got its name as a lot of pregnant women feel most nausea when they first get up in the morning, which is most likely because of low sugar level.

2.Mood Swings
The next sign of being pregnant is mood swings. Pregnancy plays havoc with a womens hormones resulting in some pregnant women feeling moody during pregnancy or getting snappy at their partners. Some women compare the mood swings in pregnancy to how they feel when having their period.

3.Fatigue and tiredness
You can feel extremely tired and feel that you could sleep at any time of the day. This is because your body is using energy to prepare your body for pregnancy or to look after the baby as it grows.

One of the signs of being pregnant is that you can become dizzy or have fainting spells due to your lower blood pressure.

5.Food Cravings.
Craving for different food that you wouldn’t normally eat. Some pregnant women get cravings for salty things, other women for sweet things or spicy things. I got cravings for Chinese spring rolls!

Along with the cravings, some pregnant women get a lot of heartburn. Heartburn is caused during pregnancy by the hormones created during pregnancy relaxing the lower esophageal sphincter which opens a valve letting stomach acid to flow up into the esophagus which causes the heartburn feeling.

Another sign of being pregnant can be constipation caused by the hormonal changes in the body adapting to pregnancy. The hormonal changes slow down the movement of food through the women’s digestive system which causes the constipation.

8.Frequent need to urinate
The growing baby places a lot of pressure on the bladder and some pregnant women can find themselves having to frequently visit the bathroom more than normal to go to the toilet.

9.Missed Period
If you have been sexually active and missed a period, this is a good indication that you should get checked by a Doctor as there is a good chance of you being pregnant. You could also take a home pregnancy test although these are not foolproof see Pregnancy Tests

10.High Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature of the body during rest, which is why is usually measured straight after the women gets up from bed after a nights sleep. In women ovulation causes an increase of half a degree Fahrenheit or one quarter to one half degree Celsius in basal body temperature. Women wanting to get pregnant can measure their basal body temperature to estimate the day of ovulation as there is generally a lower temperature before ovulation, and a higher one after ovulation. It your basal body temperature stays high for eighteen days or more there is a good chance of being pregnant.

11.Tender, swollen breasts
One of the signs of being pregnant for some women is that the experience tender and swollen breasts. Some women’s areolas can become darker in colour and increase in diameter.The swollen and tender breasts are caused by the increase in hormones that are used to prepare the women’s body for breastfeeding, and can feel like a exaggerated version of how they feel before your period.

12.Weight gain and increase in your stomach size
Your increased food intake along with the baby’s growth will cause you to put on weight and for your clothes to become tighter along with an increase in your size of your stomach.

It is important to remember that these are only signs of being pregnant and you should seek professional medical help to confirm if you are actually do have the signs of getting pregnant.

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