Host a Great Event with Tips for a Cooking Party Hostess

Article Submitted By: Food Trade Consultants

So you like to cook and you like to mingle. What better way to combine these two entertaining and productive activities than by hosting your very own cooking party. Here are some tips for a cooking party hostess so you can have a pretty great time as you share tips and cooking recipes.

Three weeks before the party, you should have already decided on the schedule and location of your activity. Since it’s a cooking party, the perfect venue would be a kitchen with an adjacent room. You can cook and entertain your guests while they watch you prepare their food. Decide on the final number of guests and send out the invitations to the party. Make sure to include all the necessary information as well as the fee if you’re planning to charge your guests.

Buy all the ingredients a day before the party or in the morning if you still have time to ensure the freshness of your food. Organize all your ingredients, prepare the utensils that you will use and even set the utensils, bowls, plates and cups that your guests will be using. Make sure that everything is ready so that you can start once your guests arrive.

During the course of the party, you can share tips with your guests as they watch you cook. You can also invite them to help you out. This allows more interaction with your guests which make it a more memorable experience for everyone in the party. Capture the moment by asking one of your guests to take pictures from the start till the party is done.

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