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Dining in Italy

Written By: Philippe Dardour

If you go on Italy tours, you have to make sure that you get to experience all their great and wonderful food! Venice, most especially is home to a lot of great restaurants that tourists should try when they are there. You will have to research your way to a great meal because finding the restaurants can be a bit tricky especially if you do not know your way around, which we’re guessing if you are a tourist, you don’t. But not to worry! We have listed down a few of our favorite restaurants that will surely tickle your taste buds and awaken the foodie in you.

If you want to take an adventure before your food adventure, head on down to Venice where you will have to pass a concealed passage before getting there. But it is definitely worth it because the atmosphere and the surroundings are just superb! All the dishes are made with homegrown crops and the they are all traditional and rich in flavor. La Zucca is also a great restaurant to visit, especially if you are a vegetarian since they serve great and fresh dishes made of vegetables. Bask in the great atmosphere and feel of the place as you dine and unwind the night away. ABC Quadri is a nice elegant restaurant perfect for a date with your hubby if you are both on a romantic getaway. Be amazed at the great antique furnishings of the place and not to mention the delicious food it has to offer.

There are so much you can do when you are on Italia Tours. Rome vacations are also a must do while you are in the area!

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