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Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Strangely enough, while most people are trying to give their breasts that sizeable perk, some are actually looking to reduce their overall size. Why? Well, as a matter of fact, there are numerous benefits that could potentially help you health-wise in the long run.

Neck and Back Pain

Many patients that undergo breast reduction often feel discomfort due to heavy breasts. Now, during consultations, many patients will describe their symptoms as neck and back pain. Removing breast tissue, fat, and skin will lighten the breast and relieve them of most or all of this discomfort.

Skin Irritation

Having oversized breasts can also increase the chances of irritating the skin – typically where the breast meets the torso. In serious cases, blisters or infections can form. Having a breast reduction procedure done can resolve chronic skin irritation and help minimize the chances of anything happening in the future.

The Psychological Aspect

Mood and one’s state of mind play enormous roles in the quality of life. Having large breasts can be psychologically demeaning to some women. Receiving unwanted attention, stares, and even profane comments because of a larger sized chest can cause a woman to withdraw and even develop a serious case of anxiety. By creating a modest breast size, it tends to free the mental burden of large breasts and help relieve the psychological issues associated with them.

Cosmetic Benefits

Aside from health benefits, there are also a wide array of cosmetic benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, improving the proportion and balance of one’s body might require reducing the size of the breasts, therefore creating a more attractive figure and improving one’s self confidence.

Article written by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi. Consult with Dr. Jan Zemplenyi, a triple board certified plastic surgeon who works out of the Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, with a call to his office today.

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