Tips for Maternity Clothes

Article by Chic Jewelry

Maternity clothes can be a cause of stress shopping for them into a traumatic experience for a women. There are limited designs to choose from, those dresses you do like are too expensive for just a couple of months use, and how do you judge how big you need them and if they will fit when your body is changing so much.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you survive this trauma of finding your maternity clothes.


  • Pregnancy ‘kits’ usually mean a box containing stretch pants, a t-shirt, and a maternity dress. The sizes can vary dramatically between manufacturers.
  • If you have a previously pregnant friend ask to borrow some of her maternity clothes – a lot of women are only to pleased to help out. BUT only borrow those maternity clothes you KNOW you will wear. You don’t want to clutter up your wardrobe with maternity clothes you will never use. Make a list of what you have borrowed so you can then give it back at the end.
  • Don’t worry if all your maternity clothes are black or navy blue – its not boring they are “classic” colors and never go out of fashion
  • You will probably need a couple of clothing that you can wear at the end of the pregnancy when you a lot larger than you are normally or at the start of the pregnancy. You will need something with properly designed stomach bits you only get in maternity clothes
  • Organize your pregnancy wardrobe – Put all you maternity clothes at one end of the wardrobe and your normal clothes at the other end. Clear a draw for your maternity undies and bras.
  • Take into account one of the most important maternity clothing items are going to be your underwear. You need cotton undies. If larger sizes of your normal knickers are not comfortable, you might have to invest in maternity knickers. If you have a bad back, backache, or are carrying twins, you might need to invest in a maternity girdle to provide your back with the extra support it needs.
  • The other important of maternity clothing will be your shoes. Your feet will swell and get bigger. So you will need new shoes that in a size larger than your normal shoes. You will also want to make sure your maternity shoes are flat heeled or sports shoes.

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