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The Importance of Your Spine

Article submitted by RB Spine Center.

Everyone knows their spine is important. If nothing else, we understand a broken back is no joking matter. But most of us don’t take care of our spines like we should, because we don’t understand how important they are.

For one thing, your spine acts to hold your body upright. It’s connected to a number of muscles in your back and core that keep your posture erect. Of course, it also holds on to your ribcage which is essential for protecting vital organs.

All those muscles surrounding your spine are important. Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand just how big a role our back muscles play until something tweaks one of them and we can barely get out of bed or walk. People with neck pain in San Diego would probably be surprised to know that it’s often because something happened to their spine to set it off.

Your spine is connected to everything else in your body as it houses the central nervous system, so even a small injury to your spine can have deleterious effects elsewhere. The most dramatic example of this is when people break their backs and lose functioning in their legs.

For pain management in San Diego, you should always consult a qualified chiropractor. There’s a very good chance the pain you are feeling is actually because of an issue with your back and they have the skills to set that right.


Article submitted by RB Spine Center. The back care specialists help people in San Diego with leg pain, back pain and much more.

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