The Basics of Skin Care

Guest post provided by Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center.

Many people dread developing a skin care regimen because they believe it is too complicated and complex.  But the fact is that a skin care routine is rather simple and easy.  Plus, you don’t have to spend hundreds on skin care products.  The secret to having great skin consists of two basic steps:  cleansing and moisturizing.

Cleansing takes away dirt and grime form your skin.  This is one of the most important parts to having great skin.  A good cleanser will help get rid of dirt, grime, oils and chemicals left on your skin throughout the day.  Regular bar soap is the best thing you can use to get rid of these things but it may also left your skin dry and irritated.  Liquid cleansers are a bit more tolerated but they are not the best choice for oily skin.  Facial cleaners are the mildest of the three but may leave behind some dirt and grime.  So you need to make the best choice for your skin.

Moisturizers have the job of rehydrating and replenishing your skin.  There are certain ingredients you want to look for in a moisturizer.  These ingredients are Glycerol which helps the moisturizer to get down deep into the skin, Ceramides which assists in putting back the natural oils of the skin, Hydroxy Acids which help to exfoliate the skin’s dead cells and Niacinamide which assists the skin to make more of its own natural oils.  There are moisturizers for all skin types so choose the one that best fits your skin type.


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