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Starting a Healthy Food Business

While many have dreams of owning their own food business, the rules and regulations con sometimes seem overwhelming. Not only are their federal guidelines, but each state has it’s own series of regulations to follow. However, some states are making attempts to help the small business. And California is one of them.

In August of 2012, the California State Assemble approved legislation to grant legal status to small scale cottage businesses that create “non potentially hazardous” food products for sale to companies and the public. This describes a large group of home produced foods including baked goods, dried fruits and nuts, flavored vinegars, teas, and a whole slew of related items. And California isn’t the first by far. Over thirty states have the same form of legislation in place to help local businesses grow and thrive.

The idea is to stimulate small enterprise development at the community level to serve the needs of neighborhoods, local communities, and small businesses. It helps the economy of communities and allows growth at the small business level. This also combats existing zoning and food safety regulations which were initially designed to effect larger enterprises. Many of these rules could have prevented grandma from making cookies to distribute to local businesses.

The legislation went into practice January of this year. And local economies are feeling the positive effects. Shared kitchen and community work spaces are also providing some relief for small food businesses as well. And this has paved the way to gain easier loans for expansion. Yes, it’s true, the small business can now get a foothold.

Helping the community, sustainable small businesses, locals supporting locals. The legislation has done a good job to help.

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