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How to Sleep Deeply

Getting a full night of sleep is one of the most important aspects of life. Sleeping deeply improves your overall health, reduces your stress levels and it keeps you feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you need to consider several key factors in the bedroom.

The Right Mattress

First, be sure that your mattress adds the comfort and support you need for a full night of sleep. Make sure that you get a huge mattress that allows plenty of room for both you and your partner. If the bed is great for one of you and just good for the other, consider adding a mattress topper to help the other person get that extra support he or she needs without paying for a whole new bed.

Comfortable Beddinglaura-ashley-bedding

As important as it is to get the right mattress; it is equally important to outfit it with the proper quilts and sheets to keep warm. Silk and satin sheets are extremely soft, and they feel very luxurious on the skin but they may not provide the warmth you need. Egyptian cotton with a high thread count may be better for someone seeking both softness and warmth.

Thick, plush Laura Ashley bedding sets will add warmth and make your bed feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds.

If you need just a bit of extra warmth, a duvet may be exactly what you need. Duvets are easy to clean, and they are available in the same size as your bed.

Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos offers bedroom style and design tips on behalf of Bedding Style, the Web’s prime destination for top designer bedding sets.

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