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How Bedding Helps or Hinders Comfort

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Summary: Changing bedding with the seasons is a good tactic to improve your sleeping habits.

Temperature is just one of many key factors to improving the quality of your sleep each night. Your bedding can alter how you sleep dramatically, for better or for worse. Everyone sleeps differently, and everyone’s body responds to a different temperature. Changing your bedding seasonally is more than just a sales pitch from bedding stores. Using different bedding throughout the year will actually improve your sleeping habits.


Your comfort level has a lot to do with the ambient temperature in the room. There are a few ways to correct this. If you require a cooler sleep, try linens with a cotton comforter. Your sheets will let air pass throughout the night and cool you down without driving up your HVAC bill. A simple set of duvet covers would add extra warmth to your space without adding weight or bulk to the bed.


Bedding doesn’t just mean duvet cover sets and sheets. Bedding also refers to mattress toppers you might consider adding for comfort. If you have a spring mattress, for instance, a memory foam topper would add some firmness and a bit of warmth. Padded toppers help soften firm mattresses, and can help cool you down too depending on the materials used.


Your bedroom should be a sleep cocoon, and your bedding plays a significant role. Lots of people try to compensate by wearing more or less clothing to bed, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. We each have our own levels of comfort, but bedding that is designed to regulate your temperature will help you fall into a deeper sleep.

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