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How to Effectively Clean Your Mattress

Choosing Mattress And Bed.The average homeowner sleeps 6-7 hours on their bed. Most of the time, they’ll take off the sheets, wash them, and put them back on without taking a second glance at the mattress itself. What they end up with is a nest for bacteria, dust mites, and dead skin. That’s not exactly a quaint area where you want to rest your body for the night. If you haven’t considered doing an in-depth cleaning of both your mattress and your mattress foam, here are some ways that’ll help.


If you enjoy eating on your bed, chances are it’s littered with stains that seeped through the bed sheets. The easiest way to remove them is with a cleaner that’s formulated to remove pet stains. You can easily find these in your local retail store and they will not only remove the stains, but there are also enzymes within this solution that’ll kill odor as well. It’s recommended to use this in the morning so you give your mattress the entire day to fully dry before sleeping on it again.


Dust particles are fairly easy to clean, but they come in numbers. Use the upholstery tool on your vacuum to go over the top and side of the foam mattress. If you own a fabric steamer, it’s wise to use this prior to your vacuum to eliminate any dust mites lurking on the surface.


Spraying your mattress with a disinfecting spray will remove the initial odor. For a deeper clean try sprinkling some baking soda onto your mattress. Give it roughly 30 minutes then vacuum it all off. This will freshen your mattress in between cleanings.

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