How to Decrease Blue Light Damage to Your Eyes

Age-related macular degeneration affects thousands, if not more, people every year, resulting in the use of contact lenses. The chances of developing it may vary from person to person but one area where this disease has been linked to is screen usage. While it may seem less noticeable, the light coming from your smartphone or tablet can be damaging to the eyes.

While it might not seem practical to cut out all sources of blue light from your life, you can limit it to reduce the detrimental effects that these rays have. There are a number of steps you can take to mitigate blue light exposure and this article will dive into how you can accomplish this.

Apply a Physical Filer

A physical filter is commonly known as one of the easiest ways to decrease the overall amount of blue light that comes from your electronic device. They most commonly look like thin, orange sheets that can be placed over your phone, computer screen, tablet, or other device. These specifically filer out specific rays and make the screen less straining to look at. These physical blue light filers are both inexpensive and beneficial for your eye health.

Download a Software Filter

Another alternative to reducing blue light exposure is to download a software that filters blue light. Rather than putting an actual physical filter over your screen, you have the option to filter out specific lights that are emitted. There are even advanced programs that lets you decide how much blue light you want to eliminate.

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