Why you might want to replace your used RV’s cushions right away

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

When you purchase a used RV or camper, you are inheriting a storied machine with years of wear and tear. Different people have used your cushions for far longer than you before you even set foot in your new RV or camper. Unfortunately, this means that germs and allergens such as dust mites have been building up for a long time. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, you might want to replace your RV or camper cushions before you start using your new vehicle.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dead human skin. They are invisible to the naked eye and their numbers can steadily grow in RV cushions if they haven’t been cleaned. They are also a common cause of coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and watery eyes.

There may also be stains and other blotches of dirt and chemicals present on your cushions. This may cause unwanted odors to drift through your vehicle, which will make it a more uncomfortable and unpleasant place to stay. Furthermore, stains make your cushions more susceptible to mold and mildew, which are other unhealthy allergens.

For this reason, you need clean, comfortable replacement cushions that will give your vehicle a fresh new start. The Foam Factory sells highly customizable foam cushions for RVs and campers. You can specify a shape and its dimensions, and their team can custom cut new cushions for you. Contact them today for more details.

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