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The “Smoke and Mirrors” Behind the So-Called Miracle Healing of Massage Therapy

Summary: While massage therapy can provide immediate physical relief, there are limitations on what it can do to your well-being. Don’t fall victim to the smoke and mirrors set by these establishments.

One of the most common forms of alternative medicine that is more tolerable, and has fewer side effects, than others is what’s known as massage therapy. It has the ability to improve one’s quality of life, stimulate the relaxation of muscles, and it just flat-out feels good. However, there are some skeptical claims floating around massage therapy that gives it a bad rap, so to speak. This article is designed to showcase the truth about the recovery aspect of massages.

A Compilation of Truth and Quack Claims

Let’s be honest, everyone knows that a full body massage in NYC feels great and it’s perfect to distress after a long day at work. But, that’s not exactly the best selling point. And, the massage business needs an influx of clients in order to stay afloat in today’s competitive market.

From a marketing aspect, most businesses can’t resist advertising beyond the “normal” therapeutic benefits – notice all the “best massage in NYC” signs littering the streets? Rather, they tend to over exaggerate what a massage can do for you. For instance, most websites will advertise that massages can: increase your range of motion, stimulate the immune system, increase your energy and alertness, ease symptoms related to fibromyalgia, hasten post-surgery recovery, enhance one’s morale and attitude, and more. While some of these have been proven to be true, it should be noted that it’s not a “cure-all” type of medicine as it’s made out to be.

What You Should Believe

While this article might seem like it’s deterring you from going to these massage establishments, it’s actually quite the opposite. As a client, you need to understand the truth behind what a massage can and can’t do for your body. After all, physical touch can only go so far, but there are some cases where patients benefit greatly from it.

There’s little doubt that a good massage can relax your muscles and promote comfort, but stimulate the immune system to the point where illnesses will suddenly magically disappear? Not so much. Massage therapy, when properly administered, has been proven to enhance one’s morale and attitude. Furthermore, it can alleviate headaches and migraines, increase one’s range of motion in joints – think physical therapy, and raise your spirits. There’s a certain extent to this therapy. So, the next time that you see some odd claims that involve “spiritual healing to alleviate all illnesses” think twice before walking into that door. And, to top it off, you could be paying a steep price for something that anyone can do. Don’t fall for the masquerade that many businesses advertise – because most of them are just smoke and mirrors designed to help you part with your money. Pick and choose your establishments carefully. This way, you won’t be clouded by the false notion of miracle healing.

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