The Health Benefits of Custom Office Chair Cushions

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Do you work an office job with long hours sitting at a desk? Many experts have called sitting the new smoking because of the negative health effects associated with doing it for too long. According to WebMD’s Dr. Tyler Wheeler, prolonged sitting leads to weight gain, lower life expectancies, and increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Furthermore, even if you work out, those hours in the gym could be all for nothing when you sit for many long hours.

There are two practical ways you can help mitigate the effects of excessive sitting in the office. The first is by staying active, even in an office setting. Take standing breaks and add a standing desk at your workspace if you can. The second is to get new cushions for your office chair.

A good office cushion reduces the compression on your lower body, distributing your weight more evenly and reducing the risk of digestive issues. It will make you more comfortable and less stiff by promoting better blood circulation. It will also ensure your joints and muscles aren’t working as hard to support your weight. This makes sitting more relaxing and healthy, even though you still shouldn’t do it for too long.

At The Foam Factory, you can find materials for DIY seat cushion stuffing for your office chair. Once you find a suitable cover and you have enough foam and fiberfill, you can cut a custom foam cushion for everyday use. Make sure you take the necessary steps to reclaim your health from the negative effects of sitting.

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