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Ask and You Shall Receive, If you Ask the Right Questions

Written by Heather Richards

In an effort to understand life and our purpose on this planet, many people ask a lot of questions. While asking questions is a good place to start, it doesn’t always lead to the right answers. In fact, many people go through life asking the same questions over and over again to no avail. Why? The problem might be because they’re not asking the right questions.

According to Dr. Eric Amidi, author of the ebook the “Secret Behind the Secret,” many people put a lot of effort into searching for answers in life, but their approach might be the reason they’re not getting any answers. In a recent blog post Dr. Eric Amidi suggests it’s not the work we put into the search that truly matters but “how we inquire that makes all the difference.”

It’s time to question the questions. So the next time you get stuck on a certain question and wonder why you haven’t found the answer yet, consider the advice from Dr. Eric Amidi. While this particular blog post didn’t focus on how to ask the right questions, the very notion of questioning the question is already a lot to ponder for some of us.


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