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Asian Massage for the stressed professional

Written by Garden Retreat Spa

Asian massages have existed and been used for hundreds of years throughout Asia in regions such as Korea, China, Japan and Thailand. The most widespread form of massage, the shiatsu originates from Japan. Another form, the Tui Na takes its roots in China while the deep tissue massage has Korean origins.

Various forms of massages have also been practised throughout Europe for thousands of years. Regions such as Sweden, Russia and even ancient Rome had hot baths and spas as a part of their wellness treatments. The New York Asian massage is a special blend between the Swedish massage and the Japanese Shiatsu.

During the Shiatsu massage, the fingers, especially the thumbs and the palms are used in order to apply pressure to the tense body parts. Techniques that are commonly used include the rolling, stretching, kneading and acupressure with the thumbs and hands. The swedish massage, on the other hand, blends in long strokes in order to help stiff and tight muscles to relax. Sliding, cross fiber friction, kneading, vibration and rhythmic tapping are some of the techniques involved in the Swedish massage.

The New York Asian massage is administered on a shower table and comprises mostly of a deep tissue stimulation. a full body massage NYC relieves the body from the stress acquired through various years of professional commitment and hard work. Office jobs are also quite detrimental to the body and this massage helps to release tensions acquired on the back.

Garden Retreat Spa provides Asian massage NYC for professionals seeking to relax from their hectic and stressful lives.

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