A Slice of Tuscany: Origins of Pizza

Written by Italia Tours

A trip to any country will never be complete until you taste some of the local dishes. And if you’re in Italy, where can you better sample authentic pizza than the place where it originated? The Tuscany region is the best place to taste old town favorites to flavorful masterpieces from Italian chefs. As Philippe Dardour describes, Italian food doesn’t get more authentic than the traditionally cooked ones in Tuscany.

Origin of Pizza Margherita

There are several versions of pizza in every country, but nothing comes close to the traditional oven baked pizzas in Italy. History says that the origin of the famous staple Pizza Margherita was from Naples. It was created by Raffaele Esposito in 1889 for the special visit of Queen Margherita. The queen liked the version that had the colors of Italian flag, white from mozzarella cheese, red from tomatoes, and green from basil.

The Marriage of Mozzarella and Tomato

Traditional pizza from Italy is different from fast food or frozen pizza. Original Italian Pizza Margherita is simply made from three main ingredients; mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. With all these spread across hand tossed pizza dough, the taste is complete once it gets out of stone brick ovens. As simple as this sound, the marriage of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese from that point up to today certainly was phenomenal breakthrough. It became not just a staple in Italy but became an international sensation.

During you’re Tuscany tours, you can visit the local restaurants in cities of Naples, Rome and Florence that serve Pizza Margherita from recipes passed down from generations to generations. If you want to learn more about Italian dishes and recipes, you can include cooking classes in your Tuscany vacations. You can arrange your schedule with cooking schools from travel groups like Italia Tours.

Italia Tours offers cooking classes in Florence along with other Italy travel packages. Take your chance to learn authentic local recipes while you’re in the country!

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